Is Economic Uncertainty Slowing the Pace of Your Enterprise Technology Transformation Initiative? An Enterprise Performance Partner Can Help.

Brian Trout, Executive Vice President, Sales, Baer
Brian Trout
Executive Vice President, Sales
5 May 2023

Regardless of industry, enterprises are reigning in budgets due to economic uncertainty, and in some cases, that means slowing the pace of, or even postponing, critical enterprise technology transformation initiatives. To realize a return on their investment—more essential now than ever—and to stay competitive and position themselves for growth when the economy stabilizes, these companies need to accelerate the pace of advancement, not slow it down. To maintain forward momentum, they need an enterprise performance partner capable of providing precision expertise to help them drive the best performance from their enterprise technologies.

An enterprise performance partner goes beyond simple staffing provision—it is a strategic partner that understands the goals of an initiative, has proven expertise in the technologies at the core of it, and can efficiently scale skilled teams to build the right solutions and maintain momentum.

Here are four ways an enterprise performance partner like Baer can help you maintain the momentum of your enterprise technology initiatives.

A Straightforward Path to Finding Highly Specialized Technology Expertise

If you’re leading an SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow or other highly complex, technical initiative, you understand that they require highly specialized expertise. At Baer, we only work on these types of enterprise technology transformation initiatives, so we speak your language. That means you’ll never waste time trying to get us up to speed on the types of specialized skillsets you’re looking for, and we’ll never waste your time building teams without the precise experience you need. We also understand the lifecycle of these types of projects and can help you plan for talent that you will likely need down the road.

An Efficient Way to Speed Time to Value

Accessing the right skills matters. You can expect an experienced team to bring industry insights and solution best practices to the table that ensures your project achieves organizational and program goals. Equally important, if they understand the end-to-end process and their role in it, they can do more than keep the project on track—they can accelerate it by minimizing risk of costly, time-consuming mistakes and unnecessary customizations. But those people aren’t always easy to find. At Baer, we hold trusted relationships with the best and brightest enterprise technology talent experienced in working quickly to drive initiatives forward and sustain client ROI.

A Cost-Effective Talent Model for Tight Budgets

Because of the current economic uncertainty and its impact on budgets, some companies are slowing down the pace of their investment by pausing them after key milestones are completed or delaying rollouts to new geographic or functional areas. These are understandable strategies in the short term, but enterprises would also be well served by driving more cost-effective models for accessing the right talent to keep these critical infrastructure projects moving forward. At Baer, we have a deep understanding of the labor market and approach it with precision. We can match client requirements precisely to the most qualified talent, at the right level, for the appropriate investment, and for the right length of time, helping you sustain your critical digital programs without straining your budget.

A Smart Solution to Prevent Talent Attrition

At Baer, we understand that the right skillset is only part of the equation—it’s important for talent to be a cultural fit, too. If not, you may find that they don’t stay for the duration of the project, taking valuable institutional and tactical knowledge with them. Not only will you have to hire again, at additional cost, you’ll experience delays as you get your new hire up to speed. At Baer, our network of talent with specialized technical skills is both broad and deep. Even if we have placed people multiple times, we always thoroughly evaluate them for both skillset and cultural fit before placing them again. As a result, you’ll see less attrition and more stability and continuity throughout the project.

And if necessary, you have the option of retaining that valuable institutional and project knowledge after the project is complete—with us, there are always options for people we have placed to become permanent employees.

About Baer

Unlike typical technology staffing companies, Baer is a true enterprise performance partner. We have a deep understanding of the scope of enterprise technology transformation initiatives and the highly specialized skillsets you will need at different stages of the process.

To learn more about how Baer can make a positive impact on your enterprise transformation, please reach out to Brian Trout,, Executive Vice President, Sales, or John Wilson, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, at

We look forward to speaking with you and learning about your specific challenges.

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