SAP Identity Management

SAP Identity Management (IDM) is a business solution that can grant and manage user access to heterogeneous applications securely and efficiently. IDM helps overcome the challenges of system complexity, constantly evolving user tasks and mandates for tracking who had access to which applications when.  Capabilities include:

  • Lifecycle coverage - Gives users access to the right set of applications according to the individual’s current role and throughout the user’s progression within the company
  • Central control and management - Provides for centralized user identification management, logging and reporting
  • Enables self-services - Supports automatic password resets and rules-driven workflows
  • Integrated support - Supports SAP solutions such as ERP Human Capital Management, Active Directory or GRC as well as heterogeneous, non-SAP applications while staying in sync with business processes and audit and compliance requirements

With over 25 years of collective SAP IDM experience and having worked closely with the SAP IDM development team and IDM practice groups, The Baer Group’s IDM consultants are skilled in delivering efficient, precise and user-friendly IDM systems.

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