Big Data and Analytics

Today, many organizations are amassing data at unprecedented rates and through an ever-increasing range of sources. With advancements in CPU processing speeds, cloud-based server clustering technology and related Big Data software tools, you have the chance to create next generation information management architectures …if you have the expertise. 

By moving into this next generation of computing, you can provide near-term improvements in BI platform performance and gain the ability to analyze massive volumes of data to gain valuable insights for future strategies.

The Baer Group can provide this next generation expertise because we maintain access to leading Data Scientists, Data/Solution Architects and a range of technical resources to support your Big Data and Analytics solutions.

We offer resources with skills across a wide range of Open Source and Proprietary platforms in support of both Web and Business Analytics solutions from the world’s market leaders including SAP, Oracle, SAS, Teradata, Informatica, Microsoft, Hadoop, Adobe, Google and IBM.

To discuss your ERP staffing needs, contact us by email at or call 770-557-4900.