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Providing the right candidates every time

Hiring the wrong Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultant can cost you project delays, cost overruns and miscommunication. In fact, you may never even know the consultant you hired is not a good fit for your project. It may simply cost more and take longer without your ever knowing the reasons or the total costs associated with hiring the wrong person.

The Baer Group, an award-winning ERP staffing and consulting firm, has a solid track record of finding and providing the right candidates for each distinctly different staffing assignment. With its deep experience in enterprise applications from SAP and Oracle including ERP, Business Analytics and Cloud solutions plus extensive industry coverage, The Baer Group knows that ERP is a solution where generalists are not nearly as effective as specialists.

Today, The Baer Group has in excess of 150 consultants deployed in client projects. Over 85% are subsequently redeployed by clients. Better yet, over 90% complete all engagements assigned. You can trust our ability to successfully deliver on every engagement.

Rather than giving you dozens of resumes to consider, The Baer Group presents just a few who have been carefully screened and vetted. We know for certain the consultants we send you are right for the job. Ultimately you get a correctly-configured ERP solution that meets your business needs and budgets.

To discuss your ERP staffing needs, contact us by email at or call 770-557-4900.